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Ricky G.’s new album, Hillbilly Hollywood, is destined to be an instant Billboard classic and a cross-over hit that hooks fans from multiple music genres. The album is so well crafted both lyrically and musically that fans will find they can’t help but dance and sing along.


Industry Critics are in rhythm, with recent Ricky G review quotes:


*RG's brand brings a cross roads diversity that can be helpful in uniting fans of all genres. Country music needs re stabilization from with in its foundation.


*I Have know doubt that we will be hearing these songs on the radio.


*RG nails the vocals, all while taking some un heard of style risk.


*Ricky G, "you got something here". "Kindly, I think you got something man"....


*Wow this could be a game changer with in country musics current climate.


*RG's, style and diversity has an-exceptional range.


*I see an extremely unique and diverse range in this singers style.


*"6 pack away from loving you", party at the river bank, grass roots traditional,


*"Hillbilly Hollywood", a LA "country boy can survive" style of rock a billy,


*"Loving this country" , a hard lined back woods and red dirt push,


*"My House", back country, bad boys club song,


*"Friday Night", a high octane, contemporary country rock,


*"Another Night Like This" and "Seems like yesterday",


*These songs fold into contemporary countries, cross over style.


*Also, known as, a grass roots with balls of steel in tow.


*In the music industry we associate diversity and song selection risk, as long term stay power.


*The consistent way that RG delivers these songs, is at a level that we seldom, if ever, see in our industry model.


Ricky G, lays it out and shuts it down! His stage presence leaves zero too be desired. Seriously, fans have not seen this type of stage presence or charisma, since Garth Brooks started “Ropin the Wind”.


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What's Happening In The Studio:

We have some really big plans in the works for 2018!!! These amazing Blessings will be shared accordingly!
We are so excited to announce that our first studio album is in its final stage of engineering and production!!!!
Compliments of SOMD’s, Legendary “After Master”, recording studio in Hollywood CA!!
We are so honored to have our quest for mainstream exposure supported, recognized and Mastered by the entertainment industry’s most successful team of producers and sound engineers of all time.
So A huge shout out to Larry Ryckman CEO, Ari Blitz (aka A.B), Pete Doell, Justin Timberlake and Shelly Yakus, the legends of music, behind the greatest Mastering Technology on the planet!
Thank you all so much for believing in The Ricky G dream and our music!!!!
A huge shout out to our albums studio producer, Jeff Smith, CEO of studio 2100.
Jeff, Thank you for your hard work, dedication and pursuit for perfection, regarding our musics sound, style and composition...
Highest regards to our beloved A-list Nashville songwriters writers and collaborators. Dave Tough and James Breedwell. You guys are simply the best in the business!!! James, congrats on your recent hardware. Nashville’s “Song writer of the year” honors! Thank you both for your continued belief and support in the RG dream! Dave, your recent journey in life makes us all love a little stronger and dig a little deeper. All gave some, but some gave all...
Shout out to one of Nashvilles absolute best main stream guitar players, Oran Thornton! Who would have ever known that you would have ended up in studio on this album. Man, you shredded our music with your killer playing style and swag!! What a sweet surprise... Thank you....
Fyi- Look for all of our new music to be available for purchase, download and streaming via every media outlet on Jan 1, 2018!!!!
In the mean time... Please Check out the mix of album songs that Chad created for our loyal fans, friends and family to listen too...

      OSM 1 BGV M3
      Daisy Duke Dixie
      Friday Night Ricky G Originals
      Lovin' This Country - Aftermaster Ricky G Originals
      Another Night Like This - Aftermaster Ricky G Originals
      Nothin' Sweet About Alabama Ricky G Originals
      Fallen Soldier Ricky G Originals
      Ricky Album Preview Ricky G Originals
      My House AfterMaster Ricky G Originals
      Seems Like AfterMaster Ricky G Originals
      Hillbilly Hollywood Ricky G Originals
      6 Pack AfterMaster Ricky G Originals

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