Welcome to Ricky G Band

About Ricky G

At one time the Queen City of the Ozarks, Springfield, MO was the place to hear up-and-coming and popular country music stars.


It’s been over 50 years since Springfield had her glory years, but now Ricky G. Is determined to bring it all back home and put the Queen City back on the map.


Inspired by his grandmother’s love of Elvis Presley, his Aunt Beth’s love of Kiss and the Rolling Stones and by the storytelling of such stars as Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Alan Jackson.


Ricky G. continues that music legacy, but on his own terms. This is his own unique sound that offers no apologies and a whole lot of fun as he bends the country music genre boundaries like a wailing 6 string guitar.


Ricky G.’s new album, Hillbilly Hollywood, is destined to be an instant Billboard classic and a cross-over hit that hooks fans from multiple music genres. The album is so well crafted both lyrically and musically that fans will find they can’t help but dance and sing along.


Industry Critics say this:


“Wow! This could be a game changer within country music’s current climate”


“Also known as a grass roots with balls of steel in tow”


“The consistent way that RG delivers these songs is at a level that we seldom, if ever, see in our industry model.”


Ricky G, lays it out and shuts it down! His stage presence leaves zero too be desired. Seriously, fans have not seen this type of stage presence or charisma, since Garth Brooks started “Ropin the Wind”.