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Posted on June 1, 2018

For over 4 decades Norbert Stovall, has been one of the  industries most prolific and iconic artist-managers and music producers. Perhaps one of His most historic accomplishments is the founding, cataloging and pioneering of the world famous “Chartbuster Karaoke” brand. Too this day Chartbuster has helped create endless moments of fun, laughter and hope too millions of people around the globe.




After recently fading his industry work load. Norbert, quietly settled back into mega producing, via his world famous “Big Mamas recording studio’s!


Don’t look now, but he’s at it again. This time he’s hedging his recent producing posture on what might be his final artist/management curtain call.


Norbert has gone “all in” once again. Banking on the rich sound and unique style of “Rising independent country star”, Ricky G.  Ricky G, garners an unusual  diversity that has no forgiveness regarding  genre limitations.


Industry experts and critics alike agree that his musics diversity, along with his delivery on stage, just might be the perfect combination to finally change the climate of country music. Once and for all Uniting fans from all genres and music’s styles alike.


Much More too come regarding this trending artist and the recent prospects of this power house management partnership. Including but not limited too, “official main stream PR announcements”, (applicable label distribution partner,artist/management details) official premier PR dates, RG branding changes, social media updates, music videos and so much more…

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