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I am a Nashville-based songwriter and producer/engineer and Associate Professor at Belmont University. I produce and engineer demos and master recordings for hundreds of artists worldwide over the internet from my website www.davetough.com. I have over 100 film and television placements for songs I have written and produced. I won the John Lennon Song Contest Grand Prize in both 2013 and 2009. I am a voting Grammy member and in 2015 I won a Dove Award production and engineering.


I am originally from Springfield, MO. I started as a musician on saxophone and transitioned to drums, bass, piano and guitar later. My first love is jazz music and I received my undergraduate in music studying jazz drums from the University of North Texas. After five long years in the Lone Star State, I made my way to Los Angeles to work for Capitol Records, Warner Chappell Music Publishing, BMG Music Publishing, TAXI and serving as a consultant for other companies such as Transition Music and WEA. I also had a short stint as a radio DJ.


I started teaching recording technology at the college level in 2002 to help students navigate through the evolution and revolution that is computer music production and engineering. I have taught audio engineering, songwriting and music technology at several institutions including UCLA, Cal Poly Pomona and the University of North Alabama. Along the way I got my MBA and EdD in Higher Education Administration. My research interests are in the area of music production, songwriting and recording arts curriculum development. I want to help new recording schools choose the right curriculum and technology for their programs. For more information on my discography and creative works .


*Song Writer: DAVID TOUGH
Phone: 615-554-6693

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James Breedwell

Just this year 2016
God is so good
Man I am so blessed
I’m so excited to announce Entertainment Weekly for Nashville has asked us to do TV interview next Saturday to talk about our song “Love on you” and the video
I James Breedwell cowrote a song with Scotty Ray Morton , Gary West produced an awesome cut
“LOVE ON YOU and Scotty won
artist of the Year and we were up for song of the year.
Also I got five cuts on his new album he’s in the studio with Kellie pickler’s people cutting the album one of the songs I wrote with my publisher William Berry we’re on a roll buddy and the other
Songs coworte with Scotty Ray Morton
God is so good.
Just found out that Kadie Lynn from America’s Got Talent was on TV singing Our Song “I Believe” that I wrote with Michael Chandler this song has wings
And Kadie has such an amazing voice
I’ve had 5 calls from managers of major artist that have ask me to write songs for them.
I am so blessed my publishing company
That’s a hook music publishing and
William Berry publishing
William Berry we
Had our first number one song with
CMT Artist Tommy Brandt Livingston
For the song “Broken” that wrote with Tommy Brandt,James Breedwell
The Turtle Man album is coming together work with everybody from Warner Brothers to Sony and BMG
Artists and writers over 90 writers have written for this project and we picked 13 songs for the the album stay tuned
I got a song that I cowrote on the number 2 best Seller list of the New York Times
On the book called Red platoon the song is called Red platoon too

Also the song “Open The Cage that
Cowrote and came up with the hook launched our clothing line
That Mike Lynn at Sony loved and picked up the song to work with
ABC NBC CBS Netflix Direct TV
Picked up 7 of my songs
We got so many of cuts this year
Including 5 songs on the new CD of artist of the year Scotty Ray Morton
And we’re still not done
I started co-producing with Ray Orig Riddle his as produced everybody on Sony to Warner Brothers we’ve got some good stuff coming for you.
And I’ve started working with some amazing artist over in UK and writers
From X Factor UK
He knows she knows which are up for major Awards this year Silvar Laidlow
UBeat music awards 2016
I co-wrote their wedding song with them which they are recording now I am so honored for that.
And two-time platinum writer from
Sony ATV
Darren Alboni we are writing a lot of good songs
and Tom & Laura Tom Fortune,Laura Daniels from X Factor
The biggest news is still yet to come
Will be able to tell you in a couple weeks
Stay tuned.
God is so good.

James landed a cut called
Teaching Angels How To Fly with Simon Cowells http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Cowell from american idol his new artist Jackie Evancho http://jackieevancho.com/ captivated the world on America’s Got Talent and she is a platinum recording artist of 2010 on Syco Colombia and Sony Music.

In 2016 Penguin Random House
published Clint Romesha book “Red Platoon.”

tells the story of Medal of Honor recipient Clint Romesha and the 13-hour battle he and his men fought on Oct 3, 2009 against 300 Taliban fighters.
Included the song “Red Platoon” that we co-wrote

In 2015 Mike Lynn From
Columbia,Sony Urban
Loved the song ” Open the cage ”
James co-wrote in 2014
We liked the song so much that we wanted to start a clothing line with the same name so in 2016
We went world wide

James has writing with Blake Shelton Who is a judge on the voice Who is 3 time male vocalist of the year And Entertainer Of The Year For 2012 On The CMA.

James 2013 was ask to become a writer for BMG Chrysalis

James has Written with ACM New Artist of The Year For 2013 Georgia Florida Line

James In 2012 Microsoft http://windows.microsoft.com/
and Apple http://www.apple.com/
Cricket Communication Inc.
license he’s Song My House. He worte with Dave Tough

In 2012 James won the board of directors award from Tennessee Songwriters Association Internationale

James is nominated for CMT Artist Tommy Brandt “Video of the Year” for the song “Broken” at the 2015 ICM Awards. (Inspirational Country Music Awards)

In 2014 James was asked to write the whole
Turtleman personal album with
Neal James – The Banjo Man
who has 14 million fans
they are stars on the TV shows

In 2015 James was asked to write the whole
Turtlemans Christmas album
who has 14 million fans
Turtleman is a star on the TV show

In 2015 James was ask to write the
National Wild Turkey Federation
theme song with Jim Kinsy
by Dave Mahlke
Sr. VP Volunteer Relations & Field Operations at National Wild Turkey Federation they have
over 600,000 members

In 2015 James wrote with Peter Keys from Lynrd Skynyrd

In 2014 wrote with producer
Martin Sutton who has sold millions of recordsin nearly 50 countries around the world.

In 2014 James was ask to become a staff writer for William Berry Publishing

In 2014 i was asked to write for
the TV
show Skull Bound they have 34 million fans in 2014

In 2013 i wrote with Markus Fox
( I’ll Be Around) #33 on iTunes
Top 200 Country Album downloads

In 2013 James Got a cut with Brian White
And Matt Bailie http://www.mattbailiemusic.com/ Darran Smith
produced it

In 2012 started writing with
Michael Ray Atlantic Warner Brothers Artist

He has written with
Joe Nichols http://www.joenichols.com/
who is a Grammy Award-nominated

and many other Major artists and songwriters, including 7 Number 1 Songwriters of the Year, which include Blake Shelton “Over You” Craig Wiseman who wrote “Live Like You’re Dying” for Tim McGraw & “I Believe” for Brooks & Dunn; Tia Sellers wrote “I Hope You Dance” for Leann Womack; Danny Wells & Dana Oglesby wrote “Check Yes or No” for George Strait; Eddie Kilgallon wrote “One Night at a Time” for George Strait, & Brett James wrote “Jesus Take the Wheel” for Carrie Underwood. UNDER STAND I DID NOT WRITE THOSE SONGS

Keith Floyd was in the group named After 7 and Babyface produced them)

Big Vinny from Trailer Choir who was also on the tv show
Biggest Loser
Toby Keith is producing them

Phone: 615-275-5417

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